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United American Benefits is a full-service insurance agency that offers customized employee benefit packages with access to the resources businesses need to reduce out-of-pocket costs and eliminate time-consuming tasks!

Not a business? We customize and manage plans for individuals, families, self-employed or 1099.  Click here!

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Let us build and execute a process to streamline and simplify your employee benefits with integrated solutions that include an online benefits platform with optional payroll integration, customized documents and endless resources at your fingertips!

Savings!  Superior service!  Innovation!  

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Focus on your business ... Let us focus on your Employee Benefits!


United American Benefits can reduce the amount of time you and your employees spend administering employee benefits.  This allows you and your staff to focus on your core business and its success while offering benefits and services that will attract and retain employees!

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United American Benefits is dedicated to turning a complicated and painful process into a simple and painless one for business owners and their employees!

You don't need to wait until your next renewal period to start!  Start here ... Start now!

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"What is this bill for?"

"Why isn't this covered?"

"This doesn't seem right!"


Do you struggle to make sense of insurance and the seemingly endless options?  If so, you aren't the only one! It's painful and complicated but it doesn't have to be.  Let United American Benefits make it affordable, painless and simple for you! 


ACA, HMO, PPO, HSA ... Do you find yourself asking what does it all mean?!

Let our family help your family. Insure and protect your loved ones with United American Benefits! Let us show you personalized, affordable plans tailored to meet your family's needs.   

We offer health, life, dental, vision, disability insurance and much more!


You work hard and you work for yourself for a reason.  Being your own boss has many perks but finding health and other insurance benefits isn't one of them.

Protect yourself and what you've built by letting United American Benefits build something for you ... a personalized, affordable insurance package that fits your needs!

For Everyone

Whether you own or manage a business, you're self-employed, part-time, 1099 or just need insurance for yourself or your family ... United American Benefits can help!

Our family business has 25+ years experience finding affordable insurance for everyone! But that's not what makes us so special - We provide real customer service. Let us help you navigate insurance every step of the way.  We will do everything in our power to save you time and money. Whether it be calling the insurance company, your doctor, pharmacy or assisting with claims - we'll be there every step of the way.

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Get Started Now!


You can call, email or text us by visiting our Contact Us page or chat with us through our website by clicking the "Chat with us!" icon.  

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